Christmas 2013
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Christmas 2013 was rather eventful with new characters coming into the show and others leaving.

Janine's Confession

Janine confessed to David that she was the one who killed her husband Michael Moon, David recorded Janine confessing to the murder and demanded her money or the recording will go to the police.

New Owners at The Queen Vic

On Christmas day Janine was going to purchase The Queen Vic from Phil but had to have the money up front in cash, Mick turns up and purchases The Queen Vic from Phil in cash on that day. Alfie and Kat got kicked out of The Vic by Phil and they had until Christmas day to find a new place to live. But Phil had a surprise just as he was getting everyone out of The Vic that it was her brother who bought The Queen Vic from him. 

Mick&Linda behind bar


Eastenders The Carters arrive and show Phil Mitchell up-002:01

Eastenders The Carters arrive and show Phil Mitchell up-0

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