Chike Butcher
Chike Butcher
Chike Butcher in the 1930s
Portrayed by
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Date of Birth Around 1910
Date of Death Before 1988
Classification Unseen
WifeMo Butcher
SonsFrank Butcher
DaughtersJoan Garwood
GrandsonsRicky Butcher
Danny Butcher
GranddaughtersClare Butcher
Diane Butcher
Janine Butcher
Great-grandsonsJacques Butcher
Liam Butcher
Great-granddaughtersKira Salter
Natasha Butcher
Tiffany Butcher
Scarlett Moon
Other relativesJune Butcher
Pat Butcher
Peggy Mitchell
Chike Butcher is an unseen character, he has never appeared on screen. Although he is seen in a photo and died before 1988.


"Chike" Butcher was born in about 1910 in London. He worked for the London Transport and married to Mo Butcher in about 1936 and they had two children, Joan born about 1938 and Frank born 27 March 1940. He gained the nickname Chike. His real first name has never been revealed.

Memorable info

According to the "EastEnders Handbook" by Hilary Kingsley in 1991, Chike was indeed his nickname. His real first name was never stated in the show.

In Episode 596 (23rd October 1990), a photo of Chike Butcher on his wedding day was seen in a photo album his widow Mo Butcher was looking at.

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