Current Cast - Anybody Can Add Many More Names

Ian Beale

Jane Beale

Steven Beale

Lauren Branning

Babe Smith

Mick Carter

Sonia Fowler

Linda Carter

Johnny Carter

Rebecca Fowler

Courtney Mitchell

Grant Mitchell

Denise Fox

Carmel Kazemi

Kush Kazemi

Martin Fowler

Louise Mitchell

Phil Mitchell

Sharon Rickman

Abi Branning

Max Branning ( Returning )

Sylvie Carter

Tina Carter

Shirley Carter

Stacey Fowler

Arthur Fowler

Lily Slater

Kim Hubbard

Dot Cotton

Shakil Kazemi

Mark Fowler II

Louie Branning

Roxy Mitchell ( Leaving 2017 )

Ronnie Mitchell ( Leaving 2017 )

Donna Yates

Vincent Hubbard

Claudette Hubbard

Les Coker ( Leaving Soon )

Pam Coker ( Leaving Soon )

Andrew " Buster " Briggs ( Leaving Soon )

Belinda Peacock

Whitney Dean

Lee Carter ( Leaving Soon )

Jay Brown

Past Cast

Pat Butcher

Angie Watts

Den Watts

Alfie Moon

Kat Moon

Bert Moon

Erniest Moon

Peggy Mitchell

Bianca Butcher

Ricky Butcher

Tiffany Dean

Morgan Butcher

Tiffany Mitchell

Archie Mitchell

Lou Beale

Pauline Fowler

Sal Martin

Janine Butcher

Frank Butcher

Karin Smart

Kirsty Branning

Jodie Gold

Vanessa Gold

Carl White

Lola Pearce

Lexi Pearce

David Wicks

Robbie Jackson

Carol Jackson

Nancy Carter

Dexter Hartman

Michelle Fowler

Mark Fowler

Shabnam Kazemi

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