Betty (II)
Portrayed by Betty
Address 45 Albert Square
Gender Female Female
First Appearance 3 August 2004
Last Appearance 2007
Cause/Reason Owner died
Duration 2004-2007
Status Alive
Breed Cairn Terrier
Owners Pauline Fowler
Dot Branning
Martin, Sonia Jackson and Rebecca Fowler.
Family Fowler Family
Branning Family


After Pauline dies, Dot looks after her. Martin, Sonia and Rebecca take Betty with them when they move out of Walford.

Real Life


The story says that Betty was named after Pauline's Aunt Betty but actually, Wendy Richard named her after Betty Slocombe from Are You Being Served! Betty is a Cairn Terrier, and her colour is described as red brindle. Betty Was born 12 August 2004.

Betty is besotted with Wendy Richard who plays her on-screen owner. The feeling is mutual, as Wendy is the patron of the Cairn Terrier Relief Association of Great Britain. She lives with four other dogs, five cats, tortoises, chickens, geese, ducks and ponies. Betty likes to chew everything she can get her teeth into!

Other Appearances

This is Betty's first TV role, and she loves filming. Betty has two lookalike stand-ins called Shirley Bassey and Molly Sugden.


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