Closed Down
Beale's Plaice (14 April 2017)
Address 15 Turpin Road
Owned by Hillner And Barell Estate Agents

Beale's Plaice (Now For Sale) was the chip shop in Albert Square, Walford. It is currently owned by Hillner And Barell Estate Agents.

Ian Beale is the previous owner of the chip shop. He owned the chip shop in 1995. That was one of the business that him and his family owned. The Beale's also own a stall in the market since 1939. This is 1 of 3 business he owned that dealt in food cooking. The others are the cafe and Masala Queen.

Over the years the chip shop has had various employees. Ian was forced to give up the chip shop in 2000 after Phil Mitchell made him go bankrupt. In the year 2002 Ian Beale and his 3rd wife Laura won back the chip shop and they moved into a flat which was located above the chip shop. Laura had an accident and fell down the stairs and died. Ian decided to move out of the flat into a bigger house.

When Jane was living Walford. Her brother Christian ( later with his lover) lived above the flat.

The chip shop is now owned by Lucy Beale after her father signed the business over to her on Tuesday 14 August 2012 ( On show and premiered on tv Friday 17 August 2012). Lucy made her father sign it all over to her. manager Alfie now runs this shop.

In 2017 Ian Decides To Sell The Chippy Because Of His And Jane`s Health


Originally The Green Lantern Chinese takeaway, it was bought by Ian Beale and turned into a fish 'n' chip shop.

However, his empire came crashing down around his ears and he became bankrupt. Laura bought back the chip shop business for Ian.

Ian still runs the chippie but has moved his family to the house at 55 Albert Square (his cousin Mark's old place). The flat has been taken over by the Moon clan, Nana, Alfie, Danny and Jake.

Having fallen on hard times, Sam Mitchell's taken a job at the chip shop to make ends meet.

Previous Businesses

Business Name Years Type of Business
The Green Lantern Prior to 1988-1995 Chinese Takeaway



Name Business Year
Ian Beale Beale's Plaice 1995-2012, 2013-Pressent
Lucy Beale Beale's Place 2012

Current Employees

Name Year
Jo ????-

Former Employees

Name Year
Lucy Beale 2007-2012
Peter Beale ????-????
Jane Beale 2005-2012
Steven Beale 2008
Craig Dixon 2007
Billy Mitchell ????-2014





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