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Alice Branning

Played by Jasmyn Banks

First Appearance: 10th May 2012
Last Appearance: 24 December 2013
Occupation: Prison

Alice Branning is the long lost daughter of Derek Branning. She first appeared on the 10th May 2012, following Derek all day long. At the end of the episode when Derek confronted her, she revealed she was his daughter and ran away, dropping her phone.

Derek found her phone and returned it to her, on the 11th May 2012. She also receives a warm welcome from Tanya and Max on this day.

All the Brannings decide to host a reunion party for Derek and Alice, but Derek is held up by the police and by the time he is let go, Alice has gone away in a cab.

Alice has since returned since then and is expected to be a present character. In June 2012, Alice's Older Brother Joey Branning joined her on the Square.

Alice developed a crush on Anthony Moon, which later developed into a Relationship. However, Alice was left heartbroken when Anthony was forced out of the Square by her Father, Derek.


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