53A Turpin Road
53A Turpin Road Flat Outside (2015)
Address 53A Turpin Road
Owned by Billy Mitchell
Honey Mitchell
Used for Residential
Occupied by Billy Mitchell
Honey Mitchell
Janet Mitchell
Will Mitchell
53A Turpin Road is a flat, located above Coker & Sons Funeral Directors. Billy, Honey and their children, Janet and Will Mitchell currently reside in the flat.


Pam, Les and Paul Comer lived in the flat as the family were running the funeral parlour below. After Paul had died, the Cokers decided to move out after they retired. Les appoints Billy Mitchell as the manager of the funeral parlor.

Because of this, Billy, Honey and their children move into the flat above the funeral parlor.



  • Billy Mitchell
  • Honey Mitchell
  • Janet Mitchell
  • Will Mitchell


  • Pam Coker (2014-2016)
  • Les Coker (2014-2016)
  • Paul Coker (2015-2016)




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