Easties jan 1986 sketchup pic

Albert Square, 2nd January 1986, a cold winter day in Walford, London, E20.

This is a 3D simulation of Albert Square, Walford, on the 2nd January 1986, set on the day of Episode 92 (2nd January 1986). It is a cold murky early January day in Walford. Den and Angie Watts are running The Queen Vic while their marriage hits the rocks. And Arthur Fowler and Pauline Fowler and their daughter Michelle Fowler are 40 miles away in Southend On Sea, Essex looking for their son Mark Fowler.

This simulation is based on how Albert Square looked in January 1986. It was more of a run down East End square back then and not as poshed up as now. As Andy O'Brien said in 1985, this square will one day be poshed up, and he was proven right.

I plan to do the interiors in time.

Virtual Tour of Walford, 2nd January 1986

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